Mozila Firefox

August 29th, 2007

Mozila Firefox has proved itself over time to be the best web browser ever made. Even the Microsoft Giant couldn’t keep there known Internet Explorer in the lead.

Statistically speaking, IE is still in the lead  as they hold the majority of internet users. Although Firefox has outraced IE in many ways such as performance, speed, security, reliability, visual aids and many ad-ons… IE has always had the upper hand owning a mass weapon. IE owns the “default choice” of the public.Allow me to first define the term “default choice”. It diffidently doesn’t mean the choice the public will make and go for, on the contrary, the public would most likely go for Firefox if they made the choice. The “default choice” actually means the choice provided to the public by default. This choice is made for them as the default web browser is Internet Explorer on any PC.
This is the real reason why IE is still in the lead. I dare Microsoft to place both IE and Mozila Firefox on there Windows allowing users to choose between them.
That given, and although its not a fair match, Firefox is making big significant steps forward. Its being downloaded hundreds of thousands of times daily. Simply because it is much better in many ways. How do people know that? Mainly word of mouth. Those who have tried it pass there appreciation to there friends, family and colleagues. And that’s what made people very confident in Firefox browser….you could see many ads or read many blogs about anything, but nothing would give you that kind of confidence in a product as “word of mouth” does.
So how did Mozila Firefox win the word of mouth battle Against internet explorer?
Simply, the features Firefox provided were overwhelming to IE. Firefox is always many steps ahead of IE, Although IE keeps trying to win the race, its obvious that IE has been playing a little game called “copy cat”. Every time Mozila comes up with innovative ideas for Firefox, Microsoft goes along and steals the same ideas, just like when they copied the tabbed browser idea, which was one of the great features that drove people to Firefox.
But the superiority of Firefox goes way beyond graphical issues or ease of use to the liability it provides as it made the Internet a safer place and made internet users less prone to hacking and phishing.To be fair, Mozila foundation is aware of the Microsofts abilities, and we can easily state that Mozila has no problem when it comes to the quality competition. There real problem is what we mentioned about Microsoft’s mass weapon “the default choice”, so Mozila decided to enter this war by teaming up with Google.Mighty Google pays its Publishers through there referral program up to one dollar for every download of Firefox made through them. But why? What’s in it for Google?Well, it’s the same mass “default” weapon reason! But this time it’s the battle between Google’s search engine and Microsoft’s search engine “MSN”.Obviously MSN enjoys its majority of users that use the default search engine that comes with Internet explorer, although Google is a much better search engine many people tend to use the default. So Google is spreading Firefox to beat Internet Explorer. In return Google is set tot the default page of Firefox.
So between Mozila and Google it’s a win - win deal.
To wrap up, Downloading Firefox is very recommended, and we encourage you to give it a chance and you will notice the difference.